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Urban Feeding Technology: Streamlining Calf Rearing for Health and Efficiency

Rombouts Ag recognizes that a successful dairy operation starts with healthy calves. That's why we offer innovative calf-feeding solutions from Urban Feeding Technology, a company focused on farmer-driven design and animal well-being.

The Benefits of Urban Feeding Technology

  • Healthier Calves: Urban's systems prioritize calf health by ensuring precise milk delivery, consistent temperatures, and hygienic feeding processes. This translates to stronger calves with better growth potential.

  • Time Savings for Farmers: Urban's automated feeding systems reduce labour associated with traditional calf rearing. This allows farmers to focus on other crucial aspects of their operation. This is our favourite benefit as we know so many of our customers find the process of manual feeding or maintaining feeding routines exhausting.[coded green to stand out]

  • Data-Driven Insights: Many Urban systems provide valuable data about individual calf feeding habits, allowing farmers to make informed decisions and optimize their herd's health.

Rombouts Ag Favorites: MilkShuttle and Alma Pro

We're particularly excited about how these two Urban products provide quicker methods of keeping your calves well-fed.

  1. MilkShuttle: This pasteurizing and automatic calf feeder gives you more control over milk quality and feeding schedules. It's designed for easy cleaning and time-efficient operation. You can take this on-the-go model around the barn and yard so that feeding is smoother and simpler.

  2. Alma Pro: This advanced calf feeder monitors individual intakes and adjusts feeding plans accordingly. It promotes natural drinking behaviour and supports optimal calf development. This system takes a lot of the manual labour out of feeding and provides additional insights into individual calf feeding behaviour.

Ask us which solution might suit you best, or learn more about them here.

Rombouts Ag: Your Partner in Calf Feeding Innovation

At Rombouts Ag, we're more than just product suppliers. Our knowledgeable team helps you find the right Urban Feeding Technology solutions to match your farm-specific needs. We offer support throughout the process, from system selection to installation and ongoing maintenance.

Contact Us to Optimize Your Calf-Rearing

Ready to experience the benefits of Urban Feeding Technology? Contact us or call us at (519) 425-0206 today for a personalized consultation and discover how to streamline your calf-feeding processes for a healthier, more efficient dairy operation.

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