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Canadian Agriculture Safety Week

Caring for Our Community Through Farm Safety 

This week is Canadian Agriculture Safety Week. Rombouts Ag’s values are fundamentally rooted in serving and caring for our community. That’s why we are committed to spreading awareness and starting conversations about how to keep Your Farm, Your Family, Your Success safe, especially around farm equipment. So, we want to take Safety Week as an opportunity to discuss how you can care for your community through farm safety.

What is Safety Week?

Canadian Agriculture Safety Week is an annual campaign created by the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association to help spread public awareness of the importance of farm safety. It is held the third week of March every year.

This year’s campaign, Safety is Our Heritage, focuses on providing practical safety advice and showcasing how safety directly contributes to the success and sustainability of farming operations. For us, that translates to spreading awareness about the importance of equipment maintenance in keeping your family and your employees safe on your farm.

Keeping your community safe

Why does farm safety matter? Well, farms are often family-run businesses which makes them unique from other workplaces in that there are often children, elderly people, and visitors present in dangerous work environments or around dangerous machinery. Thus, taking the time to teach your loved ones and those who visit your farm about potential dangers and educating them about farm safety practices is a great way to care for your community. As a family business, Rombouts Ag knows the value of this firsthand.

Beyond your loved ones, it is also important to protect your employees. Farms are often hyper local employers, employing neighbours, friends, and family. Keep your employees safe by engaging in conversation about the importance of farm safety, teaching them to recognize their limitations, making them aware of hazards, and planning for farm safety every day. This also, of course, includes yourself. Care for yourself and model good farm safety practices.

Farm safety isn’t just good for your community. It’s good for business. Farm accidents can have a devastating toll with physical, psychological, and financial consequences. But farm accidents are also easily avoidable, so make sure you develop a farm safety plan before it’s too late.

Maintenance is key

If you were to ask a member of the Rombouts Ag team for practical farm safety advice, they would say that equipment maintenance is key to preventing accidents on the farm. It’s also one of the easiest ways to avoid farm accidents. We recognize that equipment maintenance can sometimes take up a huge part of your budget, but if something breaks it's better to call for help and get it repaired immediately rather than risking someone getting hurt.

Rombouts Ag offers exceptional equipment repair and maintenance services. We pride ourselves in providing quality service to all our clients to ensure all their on-farm machinery and systems are running correctly and safely. We specialize in knowledge of hydraulics, electronics, and machine construction. If you would like to seek out our farm equipment maintenance services to help keep your farm safe, please give us a call (519) 425-0206 to contact us about our services or see more online at  

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