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Use innovative technology to make your farm more efficient


Urban Feeding Technology develops efficient solutions for farmers. Their continual discussions with farmers from around the world enable them to develop solutions that address real problems. Rather than focusing on profit, they focus on the needs of the industry. Over 90 employees ensure that their products are available in over 60 countries across five continents.



​To achieve this, we at Urban are constantly on the lookout for modern, clear-cut approaches to further developing our product range for the good of the industry as a whole. In addition, we keep in contact with farmers and experts on a regular basis.

Urban MilkShuttle

Robust and available in five different sizes. The MilkShuttle is a tried-and-tested feeding system that is used in a diverse range of calf rearing systems. Robust, flexible and precise, this mobile liquid calf feed mixer fits in effortlessly on any terrain, and what’s more, it noticeably shortens the feeding process. 

  • Powerful agitator and integrated rinsing programme.

  • Safe and sturdy – regardless of the terrain.

  • Precise metering for individual feeding.


Precise monitoring for calf rearing – the Urban VitalControl enables you to monitor and document the health status of your animals using technology that combines an RFID reader with a thermometer. We are incredibly proud that the Urban VitalControl was awarded a silver Innovation Award by the DLG (German Agricultural Society) in 2018.

  • Compatible with Alma Pro

  • All-round solution for automated feeding

  • Record and document health status data

Urban Alma Pro

The welfare of each animal is a critical aspect of an effective calf rearing programme. The Urban Alma Pro supports you with this on all levels. Our reliable technology takes on the regular task of feeding your calves. In doing so, each animal receives the exact amount of milk to which it is entitled. 

  • Automated feeding for rearing calves based on needs.

  • Individual health management for calf rearing on your farm.

  • Powerful and reliable Work is noticeably easier.

EcoProtector UV-C

The EcoProtectorUV-C uses irradiation to disinfect contaminated surfaces and reliably kill all pathogens. The EcoProtector UV-C is an add-on for the MilkShuttle. The system can be attached in only a few steps and used during daily cleaning.



Using innovative solutions, we can help you to achieve greater efficiency and profitability on your farm. Put simply: less work, more control, and a sense of reassurance. Our products are designed to make your work easier, to minimize the amount of time you spend on tasks and to improve the welfare of your animals.

Urban develops efficient solutions for farmers. Our continual discussions with farmers from around the world enable them to develop solutions that address real problems.


At Rombouts Ag, we are proud to partner with them to offer solutions!

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