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Whatever you need for your dairy business, Rombouts Ag has the solution. We carry for all your equipment needs. For us it is not just about selling products; it is about finding solutions for the problems you face every day.

We take pride in our reputation, always striving to be efficient, helpful and easy to do business with.

Whether you have a few cows or a large commercial operation, we understand how important convenience and efficiency are on your dairy operation. Rombouts Ag Equipment has been providing farmers with top-quality products for over a decade. Whether you're looking to purchase new or used equipment or need quality repair services, our experienced team members have the knowledge and skills to help you get the job done right, efficiently and dependably. 


Spinder Dairy Housing Concepts

For Spinder, fitting out dairy barns means more than just supplying products. We develop unique concepts that achieve optimal storage logistics. These involve the interplay between the layout and the activities that take place in the barn, such as milking, feeding and resting, with the calves, young cattle and mature cows in mind. Comfort for the cow means peace of mind for the farmer. Product ease of use and reliable quality are prerequisites for a pleasant working environment and promote the welfare of your animals.  


Rombouts Ag is proud to be a part of their dealer network consisting of more than 120 companies worldwide. For over 35 years SaMASZ has been developing solutions tailored for the needs of farmers. ​​
SaMASZ guarantees getting the maximal amount of the most nutritious feed from the mown acreage. They have been the desired equipment worldwide because you can get windrow in a short time and can be easily converted into valuable nutrition for cattle.  

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Urban Feeding Technology

Urban develops efficient solutions for farmers. Our continual discussions with farmers from around the world enable us to develop solutions that address real problems. Rather than focusing on profit, we focus on the needs of the industry. Over 90 employees ensure that our products are available in over 60 countries across five continents.



As a machine manufacturer offering a wide range of machinery for cattle feeding, green fodder harvesting, universal spreaders and transport technology as well as in the field of charging and dosing technology for biogas plants, Strautmann is the competent partner for almost any customer in this Industry. Strautmann responds to individual customer demands also with regard to the kind of operating device. The selection of the operating option depends on the user‘s requirements.

AP Machines

AP has ample knowledge of hydraulics, electronics and machine construction. Our flexible engineering and production enable us to also develop products outside of our standard range.


Kemp Machines

Kemp Machines offers feed scrapers and bale clamps and silage pusher. These three products, are still our most popular items. However, the development did not stop there! Important additions to our product lines are the weed brushes and the yard scrapers.

Comfy Cow


Comfy Cow company develops machines for agriculture and horticulture. In 1998, the further development and production of cow brushes also became part of the activities. The Comfort-Cow is a slanted, rotating brush which the cow can push up independently. Thanks to its ergonomic shape and extra long brush axle, it also brushes places otherwise out of reach.


Trioliet Feeding Technology

Trioliet is a leading family-owned company that specializes in the development, production and marketing of feeding machines and systems for livestock farms.  Accurate feeding is, in fact, an important but time-consuming task in the farming business and Trioliet can help you with this. Our feeding systems are made in a way that enables you to prepare the best meal for your cows without any additional effort.

Flingk Machinebouw

Flingk Machinebouw stands for excellent quality and perfect service. This young and dynamic company specializes in the design and production of machines aimed at the agricultural sector and merged the years of experience of both founders in engineering, production and maintenance.  Flingk Machinebouw has a wide range of knowledge and experience that is extremely useful in practice-oriented solutions that are developed in-house to this day.

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