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$25 Million Program Aims to Boost Agri-Food Innovation in Ontario

Exciting news! The governments of Canada and Ontario are injecting up to $25 million

into the agriculture and food sector through the Sustainable Canadian Agricultural

Partnership (Sustainable CAP). This initiative aims to expand production capacity and

enhance energy efficiency, paving the way for unprecedented growth and innovation in

our industry.

Through the Agri-Tech Innovation Initiative, eligible farm and food processing

businesses, like yours, have the opportunity to access funding for investments in

innovative technology, equipment, or processes. This funding will not only help you

expand your production capacity but also boost efficiency, setting the stage for

remarkable advancements in your operations.

At Rombouts AG Services, we're dedicated to supporting dairy farmers like you in

leveraging this exciting opportunity to enhance your operations. Our range of Urban

feeding technology products is perfectly aligned with the objectives laid out in the Grow

Ontario Strategy, which aims to increase the production and consumption of food grown

and prepared in the province by 30% by 2032.

By investing in our innovative products, you can:

  •  Streamline feeding processes.

  •  Reduce waste.

  •  Maximize productivity.

  •  Improve energy efficiency.

Our cutting-edge solutions are designed to empower you to achieve your goals while

contributing to the economic growth and sustainability of Ontario's agriculture and food


Under the Agri-Tech Innovation Initiative, projects focused on innovative technology and

equipment, with funding requirements of up to $100,000, will be eligible for up to a 50%

cost-share. Larger projects can receive a 35% cost-share, up to $100,000 in funding.

Applications for this groundbreaking initiative opened February 15, 2024. We

encourage you to seize this opportunity to propel your dairy farm into a new era of

efficiency and success.

At Rombouts AG Services, we are committed to supporting your journey towards greater

prosperity and sustainability. Don't miss out on this chance to revolutionize your

operations and capitalize on government funding to fuel your growth.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how our Urban feeding technology

products can help you maximize your potential and secure a brighter future for your

dairy farm.

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