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Give your cattle the comfort of COMFY

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Comfy has accumulated almost twenty years of experience in developing and manufacturing cattle brushes.


The company was established in 2011 as a sister company of Hans van der Poel B.V. Today, we focus on developing various types of brushes for all livestock farming sectors.

Our Cattle Brushes

Comfy is an ISO 9001- 2009 certified company; we attach great importance to the quality of the various products. All cattle brushes are manufactured in-house. Our line is very extensive, with various types of brushes customised to suit the various sectors and animals.

Comfort Cow


The Comfort-Cow is a slanted, rotating brush which the cow can push up independently. Thanks to its ergonomic shape and extra long brush axle, it also brushes places otherwise out of reach

  • Full ready-to-go package.

  • Easy to install on a post or wall using the well-designed fixing bracket.

  • The height can be adjusted to the size of your cattle.

  •  The engine also has built-in temperature sensors.

Cosy Goat


The Cosy-Coat is the smaller version of the Cosy-Cow, and specifically suitable for goats and calves. Thanks to the motion sensor, the brush automatically starts rotating when approached.

Thanks to the motion sensor, the brush will automatically start turning when your animals are approaching. This reduces the risk of chewing the brush and this is also why the Mini Brush is energy-efficient. The brush hairs are made of nylon, which makes for long-life performance. One brush suffices for 50 goats or calves.

  • Quick and easy to install to both posts and walls

  • Adjustable in height.

  • All electronic components are integrated in the interior of the product.

Cosy Cow

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The Cosy-Cow is a brush with two rotation directions. The brush changes the rotation direction on every start-up. The brush hairs have a large diameter and are easy to replace. One brush will suffice for 50 to 60 cows.

  • Easily adjusted to your animal’s wither height.

  • The product is delivered ready-to-go

  • Easy to install in any stable.

  • Electronic activation and deactivation without any mechanical contacts located in the terminal box of the engine.

Cosy Pig


Comfy has extensive experience in the design of various cow brushes. We have used this experience to develop a special pig brush together with a number of pig farmers.The robust design takes into account the environment in which the brush has to work. In addition, we have implemented many features aimed at maximising animal welfare, safety and, of course, energy consumption.

  • Angled, rotating brush that has been specially developed for pigs.

  • Ergonomic shape and extra long brush shaft

  • ideal for brushing a large surface area and hard-toreach areas

  • The brush has two directions of rotation

  • The brush is triggered by the pig moving it up or down



The Comfy brushes can be installed in any stable. When cows brush up against it, the brushes are activated to brush at a pleasant speed. This allows the cows to relieve itching or have a comfortable brushing session. We developed suitable brushes for various animals.

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