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Partnering together to grow your business


As a machine manufacturer offering a wide range of machinery for cattle feeding, green fodder harvesting, universal spreaders and transport technology as well as in the field of charging and dosing technology for biogas plants, Strautmann is the competent partner for almost any customer in this Industry.

In our modern building the machines are built from the beginning to the end with the help of experienced employees, two fully automated welding robots, an automated warehouse, advanced sandblasting and spraying installations and a healthy amount of knowledge and enthusiasm.

Silage Buckets


Buckets or shear grabs are a cost-effective option for clean and quick picking-up of silage. Strautmann offers the appropriate solution for any business: Buckets and grabs in 4 different sizes each. Both products are excellently suited to being used for dosing the components due to the fact that even smaller quantities can be picked up by them.

  • Easy picking-up

  • Robust double bearing of toothed bar

  • Tines pointed on three sides - for eas of use with solid silage

Forage Wagons


The Strautmann range of forage wagons are available in 24m to 52m cubic metres capacities with 37 - 48 knives.

There are models in the range suitable for both farmers, who want to take control of the silaging process themselves, as well as large scale contractors. 

  • Continuous Flow System

  • Excellent loading performance and a low power requirement. 

  • Excellent cutting quality and power efficient drive 

Mixing Wagon


International scientific studies have revealed that the efficiency in milk production can be increased many times over by the use of feed mixing wagons. Due to the mixing of individual components to a TMR (partial or total mixed ration), the animals can no longer select and thus take up the same feed makeup with every bite, which ensures optimum physiological care of the entire herd, regardless of the position of the individual animal in ranking.


  • Low power requirement

  • Robust and low maintenance

  • Optimum fodder structure

  • Homogeneous mixing

  • Energy-saving short mixing times 

Silo Block Cutter


In 1971, Strautmann presented the first silo block cutter, thus revolutionising silage pick-up. Today, the silo block cutter is still a proven machine which ensures particularly clean picking-up in the clamp silo.

  • Easy and quick cutting of silage

  • Full movement of knives at any time

  • Optimum ulitilization of tractor width

  • Robust, reliable and well performing

  • Clean picking-up up to the silo wall

  • Close hitching-up to the tractor ensures centre of gravity being in a balanced position

  • Fast removal at the silo and thus less reheating

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