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Comfort for the cow means
peace of mind for the farmer.


Spinder has been a reliable supplier of dairy housing solutions since 1973. Our company is based in Friesland, a province with a long and prominent position in dairy farming. Thanks to our knowledge of dairy farming, we can give you good advice and provide you with products that will function for decades without any problems. Our dairy housing concepts are being used by dairy farmers all over Europe who rely on durable quality and smart solutions for the daily activities of the cow.



For Spinder, fitting out dairy barns means more than just supplying products. We develop unique concepts that achieve optimal storage logistics. These involve the interplay between the layout and the activities that take place in the barn, such as milking, feeding and resting, with the calves, young cattle and mature cows in mind. The conditions experienced by your animals must be guaranteed to be the very best. We have made this our responsibility.



Cows should be able to rest as much and as often as they want. The cow's lying time is at least twelve hours a day, fourteen hours is optimal.


This requires a comfortable and dry stall where she can lie down and stand up without any problems. Proper dimensions lead to cows lying straight, so that the manure ends up in the manure alley and the cubicle remains hygienic and dry.


Cow lying comfort is determined by a combination of the right freestall divider, the right matting and proper dimensioning.

  • The right shape of freestall divider

  • Optimal dimensioning; length and width of the stall, and height at the withers

  • Comfortable soft cubicle covering (matting) that provides adequate grip when standing up

  • Cubicle covering that is easy to clean and does not become slippery

Drinking Troughs


A cow drinks large amounts of water; after all, about 88% of milk is water, while manure also consists largely of water. 120 litres of water a day is a reasonable average.


A cow also drinks quickly; all those litres go down in less than no time. The animals are particularly thirsty immediately after milking. This means that sufficient water must be available in the barn, with a fast supply of fresh water. Preferably 40 litres of water per minute!

For all these reasons, Spinder carries an extensive range of drinking troughs, ranging from small enamelled drinking bowls to small and large stainless-steel models.

Feed Fronts


A feed front is an important tool in dealing with the herd; securing and releasing, in groups or individually. This must be done safely and simply with as little force and as few actions as possible. Securing must be reliable and, if so desired, cows must be able to secure themselves.


Spinder supplies various models of feed fronts; from very elaborate fronts with a safety function to simple ones. A feed front with no securing function is another option.

The feeding place width and fence width come in various sizes. This makes it possible to meet the demands from the dairy farmer, the type of cow and the size of the building.

  • Extremely robust construction

  • Ear tag friendly

  • Very low noise thanks to the use of sound-absorbing materials

  •  Simple operation that requires very little power

Cow Traffic


As the cattle population increases, the ability to easily regulate cow traffic is becoming a bigger issue. Opening and closing gates must be convenient and safe for arms and fingers. Spinder has developed their own locking point with one-finger operation for this purpose: robust and cannot be operated by the animals themselves.

Spinder carry a wide range of gates and barriers that offer maximum flexibility and safety for the cow.

  • Ease of use

  • Quick and Easy Opening/Closing

  • Animal Safety


Comfort for the cow means peace of mind for the farmer. Product ease of use and reliable quality are prerequisites for a pleasant working environment and promote the welfare of your animals. That's why Spinder not only takes your interests into account when developing new concepts, but also those of the cows.

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