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Get the job done right!

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In the early 1990's the HLA product line of "Horst Loader Attachments" was started and has evolved into a comprehensive lineup of attachments. In the mid 1990's the HLA Snow had its beginnings and today is an integral piece of the HLA attachment product line.

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The HLA High-Dump increases your dump out height by 48 inches. That’s an extra 4 feet of clearance over a traditional bucket. And because the dump pivot point is close to the edge of the bucket you can fill wagons and trucks to their maximum levels without hassle. This also gives you more control of where the material is dumped. Give your loader or skid-steer a lift. Contact your HLA dealer and raise your standards.

  • Designed with a flat bottom to allow for easier clean out

  • Hydraulics are located on the outside

  • Self-loading

  • exclusive flat bottom but also allows easier access for servicing.

Mighty Minis


Mighty Minis is HLA’s answer to the increased demand for versatility in smaller power units. An extension of HLA’s durable line of attachments,


Mighty Minis uses the same engineering principals to ensure you get the efficiency and results your customers expect regardless of the power unit size.


Mighty Minis have all the capability of the larger models in a smaller package.



With a diverse range of models and design fromHeavy duty Dirt Blades to Snow blades, HLA has a  variety of blades to ensure you get the task done right. 



HLA provides a large and comprehensive selection of forks from Pallet forks to Stone, Rock and Debris forks.

  • Sliding adjustable

  • Tines can be locked in any position

  • Manufactured to fit any make of loader model

  •  Available with 36”, 42”, 48”, 54”, 60” or 72” forks

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