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95% of the dairy farms have cow cubicles. The cubicle is a very important place in the barn, since the cow ruminates, produces milk and rests. Flingk offers various spreaders for different types of bedding and various situations to distribute bedding well and efficiently.

Straw Spreading Technique

Flingk has various models spreaders for the distribution of the straw directly from bales. There are machines to distribute up to 8 meters far, wide swath of pot sheds or for bedding your cubicles.

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BV/BVR Bedding Technique

Often between two cubicles a pile of bedding arises, which means the cows lie in a hole. You can prevent this with the cubicle conditioner, resulting in comfort for your cows and more efficient use of bedding. Type BV is suitable for fine bedding such as sawdust, thick fraction, dry compost and sand in combination with a hanging cubicle. Type BVR is also suitable for more heavy bedding materials such as a mixture of straw, lime and water.

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