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Quick, efficient and enivronmentally friendly

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Kemp Machines started in 1998. The nephews and also neighbours Steef and Steven Kemp started with the rental of manure/slurry tanks behind their parental home in Houten. Because of this rental to farmers, the nephews came more and more in contact with the farmers in the area. Because both were active in the agricultural sector and in the metal industry and thus had knowledge about machine building in the agricultural sector, the question came from the farmers to make an affordable machine to scrape feed with. Steef and Steven went into the question and developed the silage pusher.

After the first silage pusher was in operation, more and more questions came from farmers in the area. This has resulted in the development of feed scrapers and bale clamps. These two products, together with the silage pusher, are still our most important items.

Silage Pushers


The Silage pushers (also called silage scraper or feed sweeper wheel) from Kemp are simple tools for feeding.


By attaching a tractor wheel to a galvanized star, which is mounted on a wheel hub, the wheel can rotate. Because the wheels are mounted at an angle with respect to the frame, the feed always turns towards the cows.


It is possible to lock the belt, so that the belt can be used as a sort of scraper too, for example, shift the residual food.

  • The DVB (dual feed sweeper) is equipped with two wheels

  • Easy to push the feed on both sides of the feed alley

  • The double silage pusher can be connected quickly or put away

  • In addition, it is not necessary to connect hoses.

Bale Grabbers


The bale clamps from Kemp are made for moving and picking up bales. These bale clamps are ideal for picking up rectangular bales, but it is also possible to transport round bales.


The bale grabbers have two sliding tubes per clamping arm, so four in total. These four sliding tubes ensure that the force is distributed over the entire height of the clamp. This allows us to keep the clamps slim/narrow, which allows passage between close-lying bales.


  • Clamping arms are completely galvanized, which makes the steel no longer sensitive to the effects of the weather or dirt.

  • If the steel is not galvanized, it is treated with two components primer/coating.

Yard Scrapers


The Kemp Yard scrapers are suitable as mud scraper, manure scraper, dirt scraper, snow blade, etc.


The rubber is equipped with a steel layer, which makes the rubber more wear-resistant, however, the slide is therefore not suitable as a feed scraper due to this steel layer.

The beam with the rubber of the scraper can oscillate with respect to the frame, so there is always an optimal bottom adjustment and the rubber wears evenly.

  • Swivel both 45 degrees left and right

  • Good control on the removal of the dirt

  • Because two cylinders are used, it is also possible to swivel during sliding.

Weed Brushes


Due to the changes in the law concerning the use of poison to combat weeds, Kemp has developed a weed brush.


This weed brush removes weeds in an environmentally friendly manner and is therefore a good replacement for the poison. The weed brushes from Kemp are hydraulically driven, due to this rotating movement the weeds are loosened.


  • Designed with a oscillating construction, so that the brush is ground-following

  • No need to correct the height for irregularities of +/- 15 cm.

  • The angle of the brush can be adjusted by lifting the frame or lowering it for a more or less aggressive effect.

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